One of the variants of the Foundation for inner walls is made in the device of concrete screed floor. In this case, the installation of partitions performed additional depth, after which the lower section is laid reinforcement mesh. To achieve the connection with the concrete subfloor, it must be poured in one step.
Disadvantage of this method of device support structure lies in the possibility of occurrence of cracks on the walls when the failure of technology with its construction. Moreover, this scheme is the basis for partitioning is the most costly and irrational, and therefore use it only in extreme cases.
Usually, this partition is arranged a Foundation, resting on load-bearing walls. In this case, it is the role of a beam, which rests on load-bearing walls.
Express niche with a height of 500 mm and a width of 350 mm in load-bearing walls at the time when you build the base, so that they are located 100 mm below the level of the finished floor. This is necessary in order to design the floor could bring to the partition as close as possible.
If the niche is not provided in the process of laying the Foundation of the building, run them through a special tool, which you can use punch. Remember that the depth of the niche must not less than 200 mm.
Make an additional support post, if the beam length exceeds six meters. Support post will need and in those cases, if the soil will not bear on the bearing walls.
Will Zaglebie support post to the dense layers of the soil, and then seemywife all with the help of rebar And 500 in diameter and 12 mm in four of the Prut.