People who spent years gaining weight, unable one day to decide to whatever was to lose 40 pounds in 2 months. If the weight of such a person initially does not exceed all conceivable limits, to lose so much fat in such a short period of time – it is almost a hopeless enterprise. As a joke nutritionists Want to lose 40 pounds in 2 months? Cut my leg." How to lose 40 pounds or more and not harm your body?

What can I eat to lose 40 pounds in 2 months?

One of the eating habits to not only lose weight but also keep it at the desired level for a long time – it is not to skip Breakfast. In morning meal, you can include carbohydrate foods, which for a long time will make you cheerful and energetic. Of course, under carbohydrate foods in a weight loss menu person is not means a piece of chocolate cake or scones with jam. Perfect Breakfast for someone who is committed to youth, slimness and health is a mess. It permanently fills and boosts the metabolism, contributing to a more intense fat burning.

For lunch you can treat yourself to a good portion of lean meat, preferably boiled or baked. On the side it to take non-starchy vegetables. In any case, as a garnish should not be potatoes or pasta, otherwise the fight for a thin waist and a firm butt will be lost before it begins.

For dinner it is best to limit low-fat cottage cheese. If you do without the sweet melancholy, can eat a teaspoon of good honey, washing it down with boiling water with lemon. From tea and coffee for period of intense diet should be abandoned.

In addition to three main meals daily allowed a couple of snacks. It can be Apple or a pear, or a couple squares of a good bitter (at least 75% cocoa) chocolate, or some nuts.

If you can't sleep, hunger best will kill a Cup of yogurt.

Stick to about such a diet, of course, most diversifying its products until you reach your desired weight.

What exercises to do to lose weight fast 40 pounds?

To lose 40 pounds in a few months is quite a feat, but hardly the results you will be pleased in that case, if the sagging skin. To prevent this from happening, you need physical activity. Very effective on an empty stomach jog or at least walk at a brisk pace. This should be done at least one hour, and a minimum of 1.5 hours after exertion do not eat Breakfast. In this case, the process of burning fat will continue until late evening.

When the first 10 pounds are already dropped, you should start to form a muscular frame, without which it is impossible truly beautiful slim and toned body. This is best done in the gym under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

In General, any activity is better than none. Walk with the dog, twist the Hoop in front of the TV, run with the kids, jump rope. After a while your body will get used to daily physical exercise and you will begin to enjoy them.

After two months you will live in a new body, though still not perfect, but more beautiful, aligned and healthier than today! The main thing – to start and stop at the first difficulties, and then your life will forever change for the better.