General characteristics

The active substance in the composition "of Diflucan is fluconazole. The drug is available in powder for preparation of oral suspension, capsules and as an intravenous solution. Antifungal without a prescription at the pharmacy will not sell, but the capsules used for the treatment of thrush. Prior to use, be sure to go to the doctor and read the instructions for use.

The dosage of "Diflucan" is calculated for the active substance, the severity and nature of the disease. Children the dosage is calculated per kilogram of body weight, adults the instructions.

How to take the drug

The drug is administered against diseases caused by the fungal infection. In one case helps a single dose in the other treatment, the medication was continued until the disappearance of the laboratory and clinical signs of the disease. The drug does not depend on the time of day and eating. Efficacy of fluconazole are similar both at intake and at intravenous introduction.

Capsules should be swallowed whole and washed down with water. For suspension from a powder to shake the bottle to loosen powder, adding 24 ml of water and again shake well. Stir is necessary before each use.

For thrush, the scientific "vaginal candidiasis", "Diflucan" accept once at a dosage of 150 mg orally. Efficacy clinically proven. With frequent relapses of the infection is recommended to use once a month at the same dose. The duration of therapy is 4 months to a year.

Single dose "Diflucan" at a dose of 150 mg orally prescribed for balanitis. When cryptococcal meningitis during the first day take 400 mg, in the following days, once at 200-400 mg per day. The duration of therapy is 6 to 8 weeks. For the treatment of mycosis of the skin recommend taking 150 mg one time per week or 50 mg once a day. When shingles should drink 300 mg of fluconazole once a week. The course is 2 weeks. In children, the use of the drug strictly once a day with an individually calculated dose.

The drug should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation. Caution should be taken when abnormalities of the kidney and liver.

Price "Diflucan"

Treated with "Diflucan" I think expensive financial costs. For example, the average price of the drug in capsules of 150 mg is 500 p., suspension 50 g from 600 p., solution for intravenous injection 2 mg 100 ml — 350 RUB.