Calendar Armageddon by 2020

According to some astrophysicists, in 2014 the Solar system will fly a giant cloud of cosmic dust that will destroy everything in its path. However, scientists claim that there is no danger of these clouds for the Earth do not, because the Solar system periodically passes through them and still not destroyed. The 2015 humanity has scheduled the destruction of civilization that will result the end of 9576-year cycle. These cycles astronomers associated with the planets of the Solar system, in certain periods, they begin to interact, causing the Land to various crises.

The basic cycle is 1596 years – a total of six such cycles, and together they make 9576 years, ending in 2015.

In 2016 the researchers of the climate state of the planet claim that the uncontrolled emissions of greenhouse gases will lead to the complete destruction of the glacier in Greenland. This leads to the fact that two years later, the melted ice will flood most of the earth's land.

2017 threatens humanity with so-called hierarchical disasters or stages of degradation States. According to the theory of the author, who predicted the event, the fourth stage of twenty-five catastrophes of the complete history of Russian society by 2017, and that will lead to the end of the world. From 2018 civilization can expect a nuclear war predicted by Nostradamus, and in 2019 on the long-suffering planet forecasters bring down the asteroid Apophis.

However, scientists are sceptical about the possibility of nuclear war, a cataclysm from an asteroid collision in 2019 precisely does not threaten Earth.

The end of the world 2020

In 2020, another end of the world predicted by the mathematician Isaac Newton, who deciphered the predictions of St. John the Evangelist, and translated them in the mathematical plane. Newton turned out to the number 2020 – he called the exact date of the Apocalypse, before which the earth will fall of war and plague, and will take place after the second coming of Christ.

The representatives of the religious and the scientific world no specific comments about the end of the world in 2020 is not given, but I think the translation of works of Newton on Russian language useful. This is due to the fact that he was not only a mathematician and physicist sir Isaac very loved to think about mysticism, alchemy and metaphysics, and truth, as we know, buried somewhere in the middle.