Every person is consistently confronted with hair loss. But someone this process occurs normally, without pronounced pathology, and some people suffer from excessive thinning hair. About the lack of vitamins and strong "tell" of a dull color, lack of Shine, brittle. The main signal that the hair is falling out excessively, you can see combing when you comb remain tufts of hair.

What vitamins are necessary for hair?

Hair the necessary vitamins and minerals, the main ones are vitamin a and B2, and F, folic acid. Hair loss is also a symptom of a lack of Pantothenic acid, calcium, silicon, selenium, zinc. Moreover, vitamins can not only be missed, sometimes with thinning hair we are talking about hypervitaminosis.

The cause of hair loss when deficiency of valuable substances may lie not only in lack of vitamins in the diet, but also in violation of the order of assimilation of useful components by the organism. The second condition is the most difficult to cope with which will help only experts.

Take vitamins if your hair is worth it if you are sure that the cause of thinning lies in the deficiency. If the problem is more global, you need to consult a trichologist. An experienced doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment establish the cause of hair loss examination.

Treatment for hair lack of vitamins

If your hair is brittle, dull, brittle, the body may not get also iodine. Dandruff most often occurs when the food comes little vitamin B6, C.

If your hair you need to compensate for a deficiency of vitamins of group B. These substances are contained in legumes, wheat germ, poultry, beef and pork. Rich in b vitamins, and eggs, cheese, liver, yeast.

Special attention with thinning hair should be paid to vitamin B2, it is responsible for the brilliance of curls. To restore the natural radiance you need to eat dairy products. Vitamin B2 should be used in an amount of about 2 mg per day, to provide nutrition to hair.

For hair growth you need to consume fish, cheese and cottage cheese – these products have a lot of vitamin B9. And beauty vitamin E contains not only vegetable oil but also tomatoes.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids or vitamin F help to restore hair if to eat vegetable oil. Iodine is contained in seafood, seaweed and salt. Folic acid can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables – especially green.