Pressure and headache – what's the connection?

It's a good start to recall what is meant by the familiar term "pressure". Its value is expressed by two numerical values, the first of which, the "upper" or systolic pressure, shows the force with which blood is pushed to the left ventricle of the heart into the blood vessels. The more intense this happens, the higher the upper limit pressure.

The second is the "lower" or diastolic blood pressure – allows you to understand how actively working vessels at the moment when the heart is not reduced. Is it from their General tone.

As stably high and stably low blood pressure can cause this ailment like a headache. And people want to get rid of her, taking medication, for example, "Citramon". But it will help only in case if the pressure is low, when elevated can cause deterioration. This can be explained by examining the ingredients that go into the composition of "Citramon".

The "Citramon"

"Citramon" – a drug, which includes aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory, and paracetamol is a mild pain reliever and antipyretic. Caffeine is also included in the prescription to enhance the action of the first two drugs, it performs the role of a catalyst.

The result of this simple medication, such as "Citramon", it is possible to drink for colds and flu improved General condition, with mild pain of various origins, including in the head.

It should be remembered that caffeine is one of the most common means to increase pressure. In addition, it contributes to the stimulation of the nervous system, improve attention and memory. However, with the existing high pressure make it desirable.
1 pain-killer contains 30 mg of caffeine, which is 1 tenth maximum daily allowance.

Non-drug means

Thus, if you suddenly got a headache, it would be wise to start to measure the pressure. If its level is low, it is possible that the headache came for this reason. You can try to deal with it without the use of "Advil" or other, stronger drugs.

If caffeine increases blood pressure, need to increase its levels in the body. It is known that the caffeine contained in such products, as, of course, coffee, but also tea, Cola, chocolate and cocoa. If you have a headache on a background of low blood pressure, and treat yourself to a Cup of any of these drinks, and will definitely poslastica.
The greatest amount of caffeine found in brewed coffee 79-125 mg 150 ml.

You can apply and herbal infusions or decoctions, which increases pressure. For the preparation of suitable herbs such as Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra, rosemary, ginseng, devil's.