Before planting it is worth considering what crops will coexist, and which is to seat away from each other. Planning is very important if the area is small, and wants to plant a lot. As a rule, Central place in the garden belongs to potatoes and cucumbers. With potatoes all clear, is chosen for her private area. Meanwhile, the cucumbers more capricious culture. They need to fertilize, and neighbors to pick them harder. Especially if they are planted outdoors and not in greenhouses.

What can be planted next to the cucumbers

Cucumbers require a soil application of organic fertilizers in abundant quantities. So the neighbors they need to choose on the basis of this principle. Professional gardeners have long known the secret of the neighborhood corn and cucumbers. This neighborhood is so beneficial that the yield of cucumber increased by 20%. Due to the high shoots of corn in the garden creates an optimum microclimate. To cucumbers reach the required amount of light and shadow. In addition, the tendrils of cucumbers can be fixed to the trunks of corn.

Another high neighbor of cucumbers can serve as a sunflower. The increase in yield for such joint fit securely. As in the case of maize, sunflower will help in the right direction to send shoots of cucumbers.

To provide additional recharge of the soil for cucumbers, can be planted along the beds legumes. They saturate the ground with nitrogen which is so necessary for the great harvest. It's a great combination of cultures, especially that of beans or peas is usually a pity to allocate a separate plot in the garden.

For increasing the yield of cucumbers can be planted next to them calendula. Flowers attract insects that pollinate at the same time and cucumbers. Moreover, calendula is very useful, so it will definitely be useful.

Undesirable neighbors for cucumber

The combination of cucumbers and tomatoes in the same bed is extremely adversely affect the harvest of both crops. Especially it will be noticeable in the greenhouse. The fact that these vegetable crops different temperature and humidity conditions. Also fertilizer for plants is very different.

Outdoors cucumbers are not planted with potatoes. The reasons for this adverse neighborhood already described above. Keep in mind that with proper planning, planting work, you can achieve excellent results.