Now the child will be an interesting school subject: favourite and least favourite teachers, relationships with classmates, funny stories in class. About school wrote: Victor Dragoon "Deniskin stories", Nikolai Nosov, "Victor Maleev in school and at home," Vladislav Krapivin "the Boy with the sword", "the Musketeer, and fairy." A series of books by George. Rowling Harry Potter also tells about school life, despite the magical surroundings and the dark prophecies.

The wind inflates the sails

A little romance and researcher it is impossible to leave without incident. Discovering the wonderful world of Jules Verne, he avidly read "children of captain Grant, the Mysterious island, the captain at Fifteen" and "20 thousand leagues under the sea". Fascination with pirates will not let you miss "treasure Island" by Robert Stevenson, and if you prefer the knights, his "Black arrow" or "Robin hood" Irina Tokmakova.

New worlds

Despite the fact that fairy tales were a thing of the past, enchantment, other worlds will not soon let go of the young reader. It's time for books in the fantasy genre – "the Hobbit" and "Lord of the rings J. R. R. Tolkien.R.R. Tolkien, "The Chronicles Of Narnia" By Clive.With. Lewis: "Arthur and the minimoys" by L. Besson. This can be attributed to a captivating trilogy by Edith Nesbit "Five children and a monster", "the Phoenix and the Carpet" and "Talisman", where children meet a sand fairy, and time travel.

Close to fantasy on the shelves traditionally is science fiction, but for this age group - more of a space fantasy. Here and Kir Bulychev with a series of books about the adventures of Alice Selezneva and Sergey Lukyanenko "the Boy and darkness", and Vladislav Krapivin Outpost on the Anchor field", "Dovecot on the yellow meadow.

Brothers our smaller

Stories about animals teach children to empathize, to care about Pets, responsibility for them. E. Seton-Thompson, E. Charushin, John.London wrote many wonderful stories about wild animals and Pets. F. Salten's novel "Bambi" allows other eyes to look at the famous story. A touching story of a Fox in Nedopusk A. Koval will not leave indifferent young reader.

Child of 8-9 years have grown to such a genre as the detective. In the popular genre of children's detective, it is worth noting, Enid Blyton "famous five", "secret seven", "Five tinoisamoa and a dog."

One cannot ignore the works of social and moral nature about people and their lives and feelings. Anna-Catherine Westley "Dad, mom, 8 children and a truck," Eleanor porter's "Pollyanna", by Edith Nesbit "the railway Children". These books teach readers to evaluate their own and others actions, to care for others people, to help those who need help.