For oily skin age of shadows do not shade and often go spots. If you did the makeup in the morning, likely towards the evening of your shadows will be nothing left, or they gather in the folds of the century. Dry the skin of the eyelids shadows fall pale and constantly fall due to poor traction.

Whatever skin type you have, there are always drawbacks. Shade, shade will easily solve all these problems.

Why the need for shade, shade

The main task of the base under shadow to extend the durability of eye makeup. With a good base shade rolled into the crease of the eyelid, will not lose its shape and will not crumble. You can be sure, by the end of the day, eyes will look exactly the same as in the morning.

In addition, the base under the shadow absorbs excess sebum, evens out the surface of the eyelid, smooths peeling. The shadow, pencil or eyeliner is applied better and looks richer.

Usually the base contains a small amount of pigment, which can easily disguise trouble spots: exposed blood vessels, redness or blueness due to lack of sleep.

How to choose Foundation shade

Liquid shade, shade moisturizes the skin of the eyelids, matting, but does not hide the flaws. Would suit a owner of a young skin without any obvious problems.

Cream base due to its texture and more pigment helps disguise redness, dark spots and translucent vessels.

For oily skin it is better to use a gel based, it allows the skin to breathe without clogging pores. Choose a shade of base is the most similar to the color of your skin.

How to apply a base under shadows

Any base applied on clean, dry eyelids. If the base is in powder form, it should be applied with a brush. Spread the base from the eyelashes to the eyebrows, that it was not visible. Excess remove.

Liquid or cream base can be applied with a brush, and the tips of his fingers. Pat not to stretch the skin of the eyelid, spread the base from lashes to eyebrows. Remove excess using a cotton swab or applicator.

After applying the base, tightly close the jar to the Foundation dries and it lasts you as long as possible.

If for some reason you can't buy ready-made base under the shadows to replace it in several ways: apply the shadow wet, to use as a base Foundation, concealer or white pencil. The basis can also be cream shadow in light shades.