Rose mini mix belongs to the category of miniature roses. It is also called a mini-rose, miniflora, room rose and Patio. Its name suggests that the flower is suitable for growing at home or can be used for decoration of the winter garden, patio, terraces and even for border landscaping. Homeland of the plant is considered the South-Eastern part of Asia. The most common plants with pink flowers, but there are also varieties with flowers of red, orange, white colors.

To well Bush has bloomed, the top buds it is necessary to pinch off.


A flowerpot should be placed in a room with average humidity, as miniature roses do not tolerate dry air. The drying of the soil leads to the death of the flower. Rose mini mix love light but preferred the scattered sunlight. Daylight shall not be less than 6 hours. Rose mini mix grow well in Northern Windows. In the warm season of the rose mix mini can be taken on the balcony or, if possible, be planted in beds, as this plant loves the fresh moist air. The temperature in the room should be around 14-20oC, this is especially important in the flowering period. Rose mix mini does not tolerate proximity to a radiator, so in winter it is preferable not to put the pot on the windowsill. The flower does not tolerate cold: when the temperature is below 5oC, the plant can freeze and die. While slight freezing is not as dangerous for him as the summer heat. Many growers in mild winter temperatures prefer to keep the pots on the balcony or loggia.

At home rose mini mix repot after flowering every two years method of handling.

Watering and fertilizing

Rose mix mini requires regular watering. The soil should be well hydrated. Can pour a little water in the pan pot pour pebbles. For irrigation, it is preferable to use a settled or melt water, since the flower is sensitive to chemicals contained in tap water. The leaves must be sprayed from a spray. The best option - fine atomization, in which the plant is covered with a damp mist. This should be done as often as possible. Avoid waterlogged soil. This can lead to rotting of the root system and blackening of shoots.

In the summer you need fertilizer on soil nitrogen and fertilizers. Rose feels good in soil with a slightly acid environment (pH = 5.0-6.0).