How to make the bow Mancraft

For making the bow needs to find three sticks. You will also need three web that you can collect spiders.


How to find or make arrows in Minecraft

To shoot a bow, you need arrows. When you kill the skeleton, he could lose them. Because they aren't broken, such shafts can be successfully used, picking them.

In Minecraft to make the arrows yourself. For crafting you will need a stone that falls when vipavadee gravel, sticks and feathers of slaughtered chickens.


Like in Minecraft to make a fire bow

Many players of Minecraft heard of the existence of a bow of fire, igniting enemies and deals more damage. However, things can be much simpler - you only need to make fire arrows.

To the normal arrow became fiery, it is necessary to shoot at the lava, then it will light up. The arrows shot into the lava by skeletons will not burn in one unit, and two in height, so to inflict more damage.

The arrows shot through lava will be gone. To make forever flaming arrows, the bow will be enchanted to fire.


How to enchant a bow in Minecraft

Enchanted bows have additional useful properties.

To enchant the bow, you must crafted an enchantment table and get the level.

To make a level you need to craft flasks, leave them in the oven, smash them and collect the fallen experience.

To make the enchantment table, you need four books, two diamonds and obsidian.

On the table you can improve not only Luke, but also much more.

To make the enchanted bow, taking the object and clicking on the enchantment table, selecting the desired level.

You can make several types of charms to the bow: the power, ignition, shock wave, infinity.


How to fix a broken bow

To make a bow in Minecraft the whole, you need a anvil to put two broken.


In Minecraft how to use a bow

To shoot arrows, you need to pull a bowstring clamping PCM, and then let go.

The more preload, the further the arrows fly and the more damage.

In Minecraft you can also make a diamond bow, but its manufacture will need to mod More Bows.