What is the sweater

Sweater is a type of knitted outerwear without zippers, but has a fairly high collar. From its very beginning to the present time, the sweater is a product made from wool yarn. It is decorated can be a variety of patterns and ornament. Stand-up collar – an indispensable attribute of this type of clothing.

What is pullover

Pullover like a sweater is knitted clothing. Although, currently, the market can meet and knitted varieties of the considered type of clothing. The main difference between the pullover and the sweater is in the handling of the neck. For the typical pullover V-neck front. This outwear was originally the subject of everyday menswear, and to the greatest extent was distributed in England. In the early twentieth century women drew attention to the ease of pullovers, and the market gradually emerged models of knitted garments designed for the beautiful half of humanity.

What is the jumper

Completes the consideration of items of outerwear, another bright representative of them – the jumper. It is a crochet or knitted garment having a round neck. Jumper may be worn over the head, and may have zipper, buttons or other fasteners. Initially, the jumper appeared as a piece of equipment athletes involved in athletics. Later, in the mid-twentieth century, and women and men began to turn pants into your daily wardrobe. Moreover, this type of clothing is no longer a subject, it can easily combine with different, even business things.

Summing up, one can notice that the main and most significant difference between the three considered items of clothing – type of neck: high neck, round and V-neck. The sweater is the warmest of these things and irreplaceable in cold winter times. Jumpers and pullovers made from various materials: acrylic, wool, knit, polyester – can be comfortably worn throughout the year.

What to wear with cardigan, sweater and pullover

Modern fashion does not stand still, and today, designers offer a huge variety of styles of clothing. Women's sweaters can be extended to the dresses and tunics. Meet thick knitted versions of this type of clothing and shoes in men's style. You can wear them with any clothes: can be worn over shirts or thin dresses, combined with leggings and pants, mini-skirts and even shorts.

The most common option of wearing a sweater – its combination with trousers and jeans or with a suit. The pullover is worn on the shirt.

Sweaters to wear with anything: skinny pants, skirts of various lengths, straight jeans and dresses.