Reasonable restrictions

When in 90-ies of the last century in Russia saw the ownership of land was abolished and planning constraints in the construction of residential houses, many owners who constructed a new individual house, built entire castles. These homes with awkward floor plan, according to the projects created by the inexperienced in the construction of individual architects, very quickly disappointed their owners. The rooms were too large, and their number exceeds the needs of one family.

The result was that these houses were not used completely, in a huge ugly room, no one lived, but had a lot of money, time and effort spend on maintaining them in a habitable form. And with the growth of tariffs for housing these huge houses just ruined their owners, many of whom tried to sell them as quickly as possible. Today, those who are going to build a new house, try not to repeat such mistakes and design it to fit the real needs of his family.

The optimal size of the premises in an individual residential house

Of course, the main room in any residential building will be the living room, the room where family members and guests, sometimes it is expedient to combine with the dining room. Very convenient if adjacent areas will be for the living room kitchen and spacious veranda with a beautiful view or just around a lot of greenery. The most rational option when living and communicating, but it should not leave the doors of bedrooms. Optimal area living-dining area is calculated by the number of family members residing in the house. For a family of 4-5 people is enough living room size 18-20 sqm for 6-7 people – 22-24 sq m, even with the occasional guests.

The number of beds also depends on how many people will live in the house constantly, each of them must be separate sleeping room, not counting the couples. For accommodation you can provide one, maximum two additional bedrooms. Minimum bedroom size per person - 1,5x2,5 m, such a bedroom can make a guest. Bedroom for residing in the house of a man should hold a wardrobe for linen and clothes, or there should be built-in niche for such purposes anywhere in the room. So for master bedroom size 2.1 x 2.5 m or 2,8x2,5 m would be optimal.

As for the kitchen, if the living area is from 16 to 50 sq. m, it will be a size 6-8 sq m, if covered area is more, increase the size of the kitchen to 10-14 sq. m.