The first circle, limbo

In the first circle of Dante's Inferno suffer virtuous non-Christians and unbaptized pagans who are punished with eternal life in the likeness of heaven. They live in a Palace with seven gates, which symbolizes the seven virtues. Here Dante meets prominent people of antiquity, such as Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Cicero, Hippocrates and Julius Caesar.

The second circle, lust

In the second circle of hell, Dante and Virgil meet people mastered lust. Their punishment – a strong wind that whirls them in the air. They have no rest. This incessant wind symbolizes the people, driven by lust for carnal pleasures. Here again, Dante meets many famous people of a bygone era: Cleopatra, Tristan, Helen of Troy and other sinners, whose Vice was adultery.

The third circle, gluttony

Reaching the third circle of hell, Dante and Virgil find souls of gluttons, which is guarded by the monster Cerberus. Sinners are punished there, the fact that lying in a dirty mess under the continuing freezing rain. The dirt symbolizes the degradation of those who abuse food, drink and other earthly pleasures. Sinners, the gluttons do not see lying around. This symbolizes their selfishness and insensitivity.

The fourth circle, greed

In the fourth circle of hell, Dante and Virgil see the souls of those who are punished for greed. Sinners of this circle are divided into two groups: those who hoarded material goods and those who spent it without measure. They push of gravity, symbolizing their attachment to wealth. Sinners are guarded by Pluto, Greek God of the underworld. Here Dante sees many priests, including popes and cardinals.

The fifth circle, anger

In the fifth circle of hell serving the sentence, an angry and sullen. Flagi transports travelers in a boat on the river Styx. On the surface of the river sinning anger fight each other, but under the water choke on those whose Vice is discouraged.

The sixth circle, heresy

In the sixth circle of hell, the travelers meet the souls of the heretics who lie in burning tombs.

The seventh circle, violence

The seventh circle of hell, Dante is divided into three circles. In the outer ring suffer murderers and other rapists. As punishment they are immersed in the blood-the fiery river. In the middle circle are suicidal. They turned into trees that feed on bats. Along with them suffer spenders who are being chased and torn to pieces by dogs. In the inner ring serving sentences blasphemers and sodomites. They are sentenced to life in the desert of the burning sand, and on top of them, pouring down a rain of fire.

The eighth circle, fraud

The eighth circle of hell is inhabited by liars. Dante and Virgil get there on the back of Geryon, a flying monster. This circle is divided into ten ditches of stone connected by bridges. In the first ditch, Dante meets pimps and seducers, in the second, flatterers, the third guilty of simony; the fourth of the false prophets and sorcerers. In the fifth ditch is inhabited by corrupt politicians, in the sixth hypocrites, and the rest – thieves, counselors, falsifiers, alchemists, counterfeiters, and false witnesses.

Ninth circle, treachery

All the inhabitants of the ninth circle are frozen in a frozen lake. The heavier the sin, the deeper frozen sinner. The circle consists of four rings, the title of which reflects the name of the one who personifies sin. The first ring is named after the fratricide of Cain, the second of the Trojan Antenor, king Priam's Advisor, the third – Ptolemy the Egyptian astrologer and fourth - Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ.