One of the possible explanations why this month is called "honey" is the time after the wedding that the newlyweds spend together, enjoying each other sweet like honey. At this time they usually are in harmony with each other, full of happiness and no worries or anxiety. Therefore, this month name is appropriate.

The following assumption is historical. The expression "honeymoon" is not new. Our ancestors also used it and paid this time due consideration. It is also interesting that almost every nation ascribes to himself the authorship of this name.

Honeymoon in Russia

In Russia it was decided to newlyweds to the wedding and required to give the barrel of honey. The weight of the barrel can vary from five to ten pounds. Maybe it depended on the generosity of the giver. Honey donated to the bride and groom had to eat in a month. Thus, cared about the health and strongholds of the young and their future children. In Russia, the honey has always been considered a storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals. So the woman in childbirth was given to drink honey. And the man was encouraged to eat a few spoonfuls before bed my wife in bed.

Honeymoon in Greece

Greece always had a similar idea about the honeymoon. In the same way as in Russia it was customary to give newlyweds a honey. Before the newlyweds enter the house, you had to feed them honey.

In Greece it was customary for the newlyweds to retire for a month and drink Mead, devoting time exclusively to each other.

And by the way, Mead was consumed during the honeymoon, not only in Greece. Its major components were honey, water and cherries. Also might add there all sorts of spices.

In some European countries the tradition is to drink honey wine during the first month after the wedding has been preserved to our days. Just do not drink the couple themselves, and their close relatives. It is believed that this has a positive effect on their future relationship. And this is done for the sake of the relatives from both sides come close to each other.

How to spend honeymoon in our time

The similarity of our times with antiquity is that the couple still prefer the first month of life together to enjoy your time together, traveling or relaxing somewhere. Often the selected travel routes through the beautiful cities: Venice, Paris, St. Petersburg, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Although travel is not required. Some newlyweds prefer to stay at home. In fact, no matter where will be the honeymoon. Much more important than the feelings that the couple will have to each other.