The symptoms of atypical chickenpox

To know the main differences between atypical chickenpox, it is necessary to consider, how is the usual typical chickenpox. A mild form of chickenpox this occurs on the background of subfebrile temperature, the number of lesions is small, the symptoms of intoxication are completely absent.
Timely treatment of atypical chickenpox is a guarantee of successful cure.

A typical pox of moderate severity occurs on the background of high temperature. The skin is covered with a profuse rash, the patient was worried about General weakness, headache, intoxication.

Typical severe form of chickenpox occurs on the background of severe intoxication, high temperature. Can have convulsions and disturbances of vision, ataxia. Very high risk of septic complications.

Rudimentary atypical chicken pox – a disease in which symptoms are absent or poorly expressed. Many patients with this form of chicken pox consider themselves completely healthy and feeling queasy relates to a small cold. Usually rudimentary atypical chickenpox is diagnosed in kids and individuals who received large doses of immunoglobulin.

Gangrenous atypical form of chickenpox different infectious-inflammatory processes in soft tissues. Virus bubbles merge, ninevolt, skin tissue melt and umertvljajut. Treatment of this form of smallpox carried out in a hospital.

Atypical hemorrhagic form of smallpox is characterized by lesions of the vessels. The virus affects the entire body, which often ends in death.

Generalized form of atypical chickenpox causes multiple organ failure. All the internal organs are affected and cease to function normally. In adults, this windmill appears on the background of weakening of immunity, for example after chemotherapy.
No matter what form chicken pox sick your child or you, the doctor must conduct an examination and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

What to do when the first symptoms of chickenpox

Chicken pox – contagious infectious disease. At the first signs of typical or atypical chickenpox stay home and call the doctor. If the body temperature rose to highs, there are signs of severe intoxication, General weakness, do not wait for the arrival of the doctor from the clinic, call emergency assistance, you will be taken to the infectious Department of a hospital and begin intensive therapy.