The plot of the first season of "pretty little liars"

It's the story of four attractive girls. Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily have been friends for a very long time. They live in adjoining houses and share with each other all the secrets. In the area they established themselves as true liar.

Events unfold when a mysterious way lost their common friend Alison. Girls stop to chat. A year later, each character receives a strange anonymous letter signed "A". The girls decide to unite again. They understand that someone dedicated their worst secrets that only Alison knew. In addition, the sender of letters threatens to tell the town that hides four.
Apart from the main story, each character of the TV series has its own unique history.

The plot of the second season of pretty little liars

The story of four friends continues. Confident young women feel ordinary Schoolgirls that someone is trying to teach us. Watch them, so the girls start to investigate all the incidents that happened in their lives lately.

Friends suspect all around. By any means they are trying to figure out the identity of the anonymous author. Finally, their efforts bring results. Anonymous calculated. It turns out that the letters the girls wrote to Melissa, Spencer's sister. Melissa always hated Alison because she humiliated her.
The plot of the second season is quite unpredictable. It turns out that pretty little liars is too many detractors.

The plot of the third season of pretty little liars

Exposing anonymous, girls calm down. They think that unpleasant history forever ended. Friends recall about his personal life and just beginning to develop, as new message with threats, signed by the same "A".

Girls have the investigation reopened. Now they seek answers to new questions. That hides a police officer Garrett trust the main character? Maybe he was involved in Alison's murder?

The plot of the fourth season of "pretty little liars"

The intrigue continues. The lives of young and attractive girls are very unpredictable and exciting. Each of them has a mysterious past. Unexpected discoveries, night walks, unplanned encounters, interesting discoveries – all the viewer will see in season 4 of the series. The main characters reveal their terrible secrets in the finale find out who is the new anonymous.

But the story does not end there. The fifth season of "pretty little liars" is expected in June 2014.