Technique stumble spikelets on one side

Braid the spike itself is difficult, but possible. Only need a little patience and perseverance. Each time, the braid will be all the more careful, and the time spent on the weave will shrink.

To begin, prepare the hair, carefully comb them. Easier to braid spike on slightly damp hair. In this case the strands will be smoother and neater. To do this, you combed your hair a little sprinkle from the sprinkler water.

If your hair is thin enough, a little necesite them roots. To do this simply using a small comb or fine comb. Through the bouffant hairstyle will acquire the desired volume and look more elegant.

Safesite hair back to hide the parting. Then gently peel off from the top three strands, with which you will begin weaving a braid to the side. It is important to take strands from the sides, from where it will go spit. In order to understand the weave pattern, number the strands from left to right: first, second, third. The first strand place between the second and third. Then take the third strand and place it between the first and second. Now start to add in spike's hair. to do this, gently separate the second strand, place it between the first and third, and then grab a small lock of hair on the left.

Then repeat all over again, but the part of the hair grab with the right hand. Continue to do so over the entire head, gently alternating the strands from the different parties. Hair tighten their belts, to hair looked more neat and individual hairs coming out of the braids.

Tail remaining at the end of the spike can be hidden under the braid with Bobby pins or small barrettes. If your hair is long, you can braid long throughout its length.

How to diversify the ear

To give her hair a more easy, a little sloppy, carefully loosen the spike, carefully pulling each strand, starting from the base of the spit. So you have delicate, openwork braid. You can experiment with hair, pulling a few strands to frame the face. In order to fix the result for a longer time, sprinkle hairstyle varnish.

Use a variety of accessories, for example, hair flowers, hair pins, tiaras. So you will look unique and diversified appearance, even braiding the same braid for several days. Moreover, the spike, braided on one side — an unusual and very beautiful hair.