Under the hole is given a dark room of modest size. Although the law stipulates that it should be comfortable for the prisoners, because the point of punishment means lack of communication, not the worst conditions. However, the prison cells often do not meet the requirements of convenience.

The situation of solitary confinement

The floor in the cooler is made of wood or concrete. A strong door is closed with a massive lock. For communication and monitoring of convicts on the door sets a special eye or grille. In the hole provided a window size of 50 by 50 cm, it closed a strong shield, reminiscent of the blinds, and metal bars.
In 1975 adopted the Declaration on protection from torture and other cruel and degrading punishment that involves and contained in a prison cell.
The room cooler shall be illuminated by electric lamp of low power which is placed in a special niche above the door or on the ceiling. The lamp is sealed by a metal grid so the prisoner couldn't reach or break.

In addition, the cooler provides convenience elements. Metal bed attached to the wall, is raised and lowered as needed. Securely bolted to the floor table and stool. The table often is additionally fixed to the wall. Necessarily the presence of the lavatory.

A room for solitary confinement

The room for solitary picks up the prison, it can be a small room, deprived of even the minimum facilities, but it must be a metal door with window.

Food to prisoners in the Shu deliver a special serving, she's served through the window in the door.
The person who was subjected to inhuman treatment or punishment by officials, has the right to complain to the competent authorities of the state. Failure to meet the standards of the contents in the cooler may be cause for complaint.
Solitary confinement is the punishment of the convict. The prison finds many opportunities for abuse. The punishment of solitary confinement undermines human dignity and adversely affects physical and mental state of the person.
The contents in the cooler, which does not meet the requirements, illegal. It is assessed as inhuman, inhumane treatment of people.