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Try to bring the conditions of detention of fish to natural. That is, refrain from bright lighting, keep the water temperature 18-28 degrees. Create shaded areas.

Fish like neons large number of hanging roots, live plants, rocks, driftwood and other hiding places. They often swim in water.

These fish are peaceful, active and playful. They grow to 4 inches, they have a bright color, because of this, they often become prey for more aggressive fish. Therefore, it is important to learn what fish get along with the neons. In addition, we must remember that fish like to live in packs so many different species to settle in one tank is not recommended.

Neighbors for neons

Choose fish neon peace-loving neighbors. They get along well with bottom fish, for example, with the catfish. In the aquarium they each other do not interfere, each living in a personal space. This neighborhood will also be useful - neon usually eat food in the water column, not picking up fallen. Therefore, we need individuals living on the bottom, then the feed won't pollute the water. For this purpose, suitable and corydoras Panda. Even neons get along with Danio, guppy, minors.