The salty air

Water, as you know, is a significant part of the planet, so it directly affects the processes that occur in the airspace. In the process of evaporation of water from the surface of the world ocean minerals and salts into the air. Most effectively this process takes place at the stage of formation of sea foam. The result is a "salt aerosol". Away from the coast the concentration is small, but on the coast their number in the air is so great that can have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Various studies have proven that during the day, the land gets more than five tons of salt from the sea surface. The rains return, these salts back into the depths of the sea. In salt water is present in almost the entire periodic table. Sea air is not only a result of a very high degree of ionization, but is famous for its high concentration of iodine, bromine, sodium chloride and other minerals and substances very useful for people.
It is particularly useful to stay in the zone of one kilometer from the surf, over long distances the use of air is significantly reduced.

Useful ionization

The sea air is deprived of dust and bacteria that literally allows a person to breathe, eliminating the lungs from unwanted particles. During the unrest of the sea is very useful to be on the beach, as a large number of negative ions, being produced during storms, through the walls of the red blood cells enrich oxygen to the body organs. Ionization causes the erythrocytes to repel each other with considerable force and accelerates their movement into the narrow blood vessels.
Pine and other coniferous trees significantly enhance the healing properties of sea air.

Negative ions greatly facilitate lung ventilation, contributing to the rapid absorption of oxygen. However, they derive significant amounts of carbon dioxide and improve heart function. The fresh sea air improves efficiency and mental and physical. And also strengthens the bone tissue, accelerating the synthesis of important vitamins C and B.

Particles of sea water are mucous obolochki respiratory systems of the human body, saturating it with useful substances strengthening protective reactions. Fresh air from the sea increases the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, activating the breath and krovobraschenie. That is why the rest of the sea is so important when there are diseases of the respiratory system.

Iodine, which is very much in the sea air, a positive effect on the thyroid gland, besides rejuvenates the skin. The connection of iodine and potassium normalizes blood pressure and celotno-alkaline balance.