Previously the social network "Vkontakte" gave the opportunity to each member of the system to leave your opinion about another user anonymously on his page. But for unknown reasons, along with other transformations, this function has been removed from the website interface.
So, remember that any programs that promise then I have to open you access to anonymous questions through the social network created by cyber criminals with the aim to infect your PC and demand money to unlock.
After the "anonymous opinions" in "Vkontakte" was banned, there are many websites created just to ask anonymous questions. Of course, the question to ask only the person who registered on this site, which significantly limits the possibilities.
Find out what service was the person from whom you want to ask anonymously. The most popular among its category sites "'t" and (not to be confused with There are others, like "" but the audience is much smaller.
Go to the website. Basically, in order to ask questions registration is not required. If you have it still there or did you decide to join any service, before you ask an anonymous question, check the below tick in the "Ask question anonymously". Otherwise your identity will be "unclassified".