For dissolution of marriage mainly the following documents: a marriage contract, consent of the spouse (spouse) to divorce, the agreement on the residence and maintenance of children, the agreement on alimony payment, a statement (the form depends on the nuances of the case in question).
By mutual consent, the spouses submit an application to the Registrar. If no claims to each other in the division of property and the family has no children, both spouses are to the Registrar, issue a statement about divorce and pay the state fee at any Bank. Example application form available in the REGISTRAR's office or download online. Stamp duty is 200-500 rubles each spouse. Re-attendance to the Registrar shall be appointed in a month for approval. If one of the spouses is not within three times, the divorce is issued automatically.
The Registrar served the statement of one of spouses if the second is recognized to be convicted of the crime for a period of more than three years or is incapacitated, is declared missing. In these cases, no matter the presence of minor children. Stamp duty is payable at the Bank from one spouse.
If the family has minor children, then you need to contact the court to the magistrate at the domicile of one spouse. The claim is served strictly in a certain form, a sample of which is in court. If the spouses have no claims to each other on the division of property, a detailed description of this process can be skipped. On the website of the Tyumen court can be get answers to frequently asked questions in the section "appeals."
If the family has children, the couple can divide the property and have a number of claims and demands to each other, a statement in court to the magistrate is made with detailed information and with all the clearly prescribed requirements. Such statements are better to make with an experienced lawyer or to the authorities of protection of civil rights. The result of the court's decision often depends on a correctly written statement. Stamp duty is payable at the Bank. Attach all the necessary documents to the application.