The history of chips

In an American restaurant, a fussy client (railroad tycoon Vanderbilt) repeatedly returned to the kitchen, coarsely chopped, to the potatoes. The chef of this upscale establishments had a great sense of humor and decided to play a joke on.. He sliced the potatoes very thin slices, and fried in oil so that he started to crackle.

To the surprise of the chef, the millionaire liked the dish, and the restaurant even added it to their menu. After some time, crisp began to produce bags.

Chemical composition of chips

Chips of various manufacturers is harmful to health, due to its composition. The fact that the original product really was made from potatoes. In recent times, there are almost no natural ingredients. Now the chips are made of corn or wheat flour and a mixture of starches. Most often, it is the starch from genetically modified soybeans. In addition, manufacturers began to add in a snack monosodium glutamate to enhance flavor, and different flavors that give the product the taste of sausage, cheese, fish, shrimp, etc.
The chips are fried in a large quantity is not always quality vegetable oil, after which the product be carcinogens.
A few years ago in the chips found glycidamide that can destroy DNA.

Harm chips

1. If even perfectly healthy people will eat a bag of chips a month will have reflux, gastritis or bowel disease.
2. A large amount of salt in the chips affects the metabolism. And dangerous carcinogens, whose number exceeded 500 times, can lead to cancerous tumors.
3. The excess of sodium chloride disrupts bone growth and causes heart disease. Reduced immunity, destroyed the liver and kidneys.
4. For men from chips deteriorates sexual function and quality of produced seed. In women increases the risk of cancer of the breast.
5. The use of this product leads to a disorder of the nervous system. It is expressed in sweating and weakness of extremities.
More long-term consumption of a dangerous product leads to accumulation of cholesterol and the emergence of plaque in blood vessels.

The biggest harm to the chips bring children. Parents should make every effort to use only natural healthy food, instead of slowly poison the body treats.