Plastic window attract owners of houses and apartments absolute integrity. And, unlike traditional hardwood, these structures do not allow to enter the room even the slightest draft. It is not surprising that on the glass condensation, especially condensation during cooking or in cold weather when the difference between the temperature inside and outside is obvious. To prevent fogging of the glass, using system mikroprovetrivaniya. Fresh air can freely circulate around the apartment.

The micro-ventilation: how it works

The micro-ventilation is a type of ventilation. System operation is guaranteed by the special position of the fittings of the plastic window. Quite a simple system allows you to adjust the intensity of air circulation.
There are two types of micro-ventilation system – with a four-catch and "shear" in the upper part of the door.

To use the feature, you must turn the handle UPVC window to the desired position, namely at an angle of 45 degrees.
The function mikroprovetrivaniya modern plastic Windows can be endowed with any of valves products. To use an option at any time of the year, the system allows you to ventilate the room, keeping heat in the apartment.

Excluded severe hypothermia and drafts. But it will disappear unpleasant odors. To leave slightly open the fold you can, even leaving the house. In fact, the plastic window will be closed, and through a narrow slit will not be able to penetrate the attackers. Typically, this distance when using the function mikroprovetrivaniya is about one centimeter.

The advantages of macroprolactinemia

Thanks to the use of micro-ventilation eliminated the condensation on the plastic Windows. Also the climate control allows to avoid stagnant air, excessive moisture. And it is these factors lead to the formation of mold, high concentrations of microbes. Finally, ventilate the room by using the micro-ventilation is possible, even if you have small children.
The micro-ventilation is important not only in cold, but in summer, when a small gap will help to ensure the flow of cool air in the room.

With a strong draft there is no fear of damage to the plastic window sashes. Reliable mechanism provides sufficient fixation to the window is not shut. Take care of the health of the household and order PVC Windows with micro-ventilation is possible in almost any company. The cost of products is useful function will be affected slightly.