B vitamins

Insufficient number in the body of B vitamins often cause depression, lethargy, high fatigue and sleepiness. To be sure that you consume enough of these compounds, watch your daily diet. Pay attention to cereals. You will be very useful for cereals, especially buckwheat and oatmeal, black white and wholemeal bread, dairy products, green peas, liver and kidney, nuts, prunes and other dried fruit, seaweed.

If the vitamins contained in food, enough for you to feel fresh and rested, get complex. The daily rate of the compounds of group B for adults is about 100 mg. If drowsiness persists, you can also drink folic acid.
Folic acid prescribed for pregnant women for normal functioning of circulatory and immune systems. However, this substance is useful for anyone tired quickly people.

Another vitamin which is responsible for drowsiness – B12. In particular, the content of this substance is necessary to control vegans, since cyanocobalamin is contained only in foods of animal origin – dairy products, animal liver, egg yolk. Lack of B12 can cause not only a constant desire to lie down, and various nervous disorders.
In acute deficiency of B12, vitamin administered via injection.

Vitamin C

Often complain of increased sleepiness people in the body where there is a lack of vitamin C. Even if you eat plenty of products which it contains, this situation can still occur, as in the metropolis, this vitamin is destroyed faster. Summer recharge vitamin C can be sitting on such fruits as lemon, grapefruit, apricot and cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, rose hips and black currants. In winter you can take vitamin C in the form of yellow pills.


Drowsiness is not only the lack of certain vitamins. The lack of iron in the body can also be associated with constant and persistent fatigue and desire to sleep. However, an excess of this trace element would also lead to disturbances in the body, so before purchasing the drug, it is necessary to take a blood test and consult with your doctor.