A bit of theory. The key parameter when you bet on sports is the coefficient (or, as forecasters often say, "KEF"). If you put 1000 rubles on an event with odds of 10, and it will happen, your net profit will be 9000 rubles, that is, you get your hands on 10000 roubles, the profit and the bet amount. The higher the "KEF", the higher the risk to lose, and hence profit in case of success.
First you need to register on the websites of the several bookmakers, to be able to bet on sports online. The most popular foreign betting company:, Domestic: Marathon Background. There is another betting exchange BetFair where you the fans entered into between micropore.
If you have signed up at several betting sites, you can go directly to the rates. First you need to select the event. There are a huge number, almost all countries of the world; as for popular sports and exotic. It is best to put on events in that sport in which you understand best. Football, basketball, tennis or water Polo - select events with the participation of those teams or athletes whose games you've seen, will increase your chances of success significantly.
Directly in the offices, the room is very different from betting on the sites. The atmosphere in such places charges you with positive emotions, contributes to a large number of bets. Multiple plasma screens, a large number of fans - these distractions are for the benefit of the bookmakers. Surely, you will share the experience. Better to use your betting strategy.
Choose the best rate. Usually they are a little but different at different bookmakers. So, WilliamHill can give on a victory "Spartaka" in a match with "Zenith" "KEF" of 2.61, a Marathon of 2.52, and BetFair is 2.7. If you put 10,000 rubles for the Marathon, will receive 25200 roubles, if you find "slightly" more favorable multiplier, you will have to wait for 27,000 rubles. In some cases the difference can be more noticeable.