Today blooming tea has become popular in many countries around the world. And this novelty, as you might guess, from the East. The raw material for the tea buds can serve different colors, and also green, black and other teas. For example, a related make tea from the flowers of Jasmine, Lily, marigold, chrysanthemum. These supplements not only give the drink a heavenly aroma and taste, but also make the process of blooming tea bouquet is incredibly beautiful.

How to make blooming tea?

According to legend, the first to link the tea people have tried centuries ago. And made it tea master in the name of love. The story goes that a poor young man wanted to conquer the heart of the beautiful and collected for her best tea leaves, grouping them into a "pearl" using thread.
Associated tea can be brewed more than ten minutes, this excerpt will not spoil taste and smell of the infusion.

Blossoming tea made manually, and the fabrication requires special skills. Each of the resulting product can be compared to a work of art. Often found associated green tea or red. There is a division of blooming teas on the net and those which contain various additives.

A feast for the eyes – also known as associated Chinese tea. If you add a Lily, the resulting drink will have a beneficial influence on digestion. But fragrant Jasmine is designed to relieve insomnia, headache and fatigue. So that blooming tea is not only prestigious, but also an improvement of the body.

Blooming tea – the aesthetics of taste

Associated tea must be brewed exclusively in a transparent teapot so you can watch the spectacular blooming bouquet of delicate leaves. Be sure to do this procedure in front of the guests to surprise their beautiful ceremony. Most types of blooming teas you can use two, at least three times.

Usually blooming teas features a slightly sweet taste, in any case, not bitter or tart. This is not surprising because the infusion is because of the content it turns out flowers herbal, with a delicate flavor. Healthy beverage and can include notes of honey, pear, strawberry, depending on the choice of aesthetic.
Buy blooming tea, Russians can not only in China, but by ordering through Internet sites. In many tea shops also there was an unusual novelty.

The magic of blooming tea in the initial state resembles a ball. This lump starts to dance in the hot water just a couple of minutes after the liquid is poured into the kettle. But to get the maximum rich taste and aroma, tea should infuse a bunch of at least ten minutes. And then it can be poured into cups.