Advice 1: Why gold jewelry the skin is black stripe

One of the myths associated with Golden products says that black strip appear on the skin after contact with the decoration, symbolizes the evil eye. However the dark mark is due to a simple chemical reaction.
Why gold jewelry the skin is black stripe
Often to check if the evil eye on the man, I suggest using gold rings, Gypsies and other criminals. There is even a simple guessing for whom you want to spend on the cheek ring of precious metal and see if a trail appeared. There is also a belief that the dark lines on the skin the gold leaves the people with chronic diseases. But all this is nothing more than a delusion.
Another popular superstition indicates the presence of dark marks on the skin in people consuming large quantities of meat.

Causes marks on skin from gold

In fact, often a reaction on the skin is if the person uses a cream or other cosmetic products containing mercury. It can be blush, powder. In this case, upon accession to the chemical reaction of the composition with the gold traces are formed on the skin.

There are several causes of black on the skin in contact with gold jewelry. And one of them – amino acids contained in the human body. And someone body might react to a precious metal, but some people have such a reaction is not observed.
There is a perception that the skin blackens on contact with the gold in people who have diseases of the endocrine system and liver.

Often black marks from gold rings, chains and bracelets are the allergies. Today it is impossible to meet in the sale of jewelry made of pure gold, so the alloy can enter the provoking an allergic reaction components. For example, an alloy of Nickel. Or copper, which can stain the skin a greenish color.

Stripes on the skin of the face or hands can be formed and the poor the removal of polishing pastes made of precious metal. It is used for machining and cleaning of jewelry items. To get rid of paste, good enough to wash the ring or chain.

The quality of gold and dark marks on the skin

To the question, why when wearing gold jewelry on the skin are dark lines will help to answer the analysis of the quality of the jewelry. If the product does not meet specified in the certificate on production data, rings and earrings with a high content of natural alloys will leave lines on the body. A widespread judgment that the Nickel or copper in contact with the decoration of the sweat also cause a corresponding reaction and darkening of the skin.

Advice 2 : Why finger turns black from gold ring

Sometimes gold rings begin to darken and leave a mark on the skin as a result of chemical reactions. Often this indicates the quality of gold, but sometimes can be other reasons.
Why finger turns black from gold ring

Most likely, darken not the finger, and the ring. Most often, the darkening gold of the product and the skin under it is called a chemical reaction. The surface of the ring interacts with the substances that are released by the skin in the process of life. Pure gold 999 (24 carat) is a noble metal. It's not dark, because it is not oxidized. Gold 14 and 18 carat are also quite resistant to this process. The darkening of the ring is facilitated by the presence of gold additives – additives, for example, copper. Oxidation processes are more characteristic of gold and 333 of 416 samples (10 carats and below).

If the ring is constantly covered with a dark patina, then with high probability we can say that in gold a lot of additives, and most likely it base. In addition, the ring can quickly get dirty from makeup, perfume, secretions of the sebaceous glands.

Trouble of this kind can provoke and smog. The soot, smoke, exhaust gases interact with gold can cause a darkening of the ring, and then the skin of the finger. Gold holds the pure energy of the sun, he was sickened by the evil and dirt of every kind. By the way, you can not wear it all.

If your gold ring has darkened all of a sudden, it is possible that this is due to the internal state of the organism. One of the properties of gold and to warn of danger and indicate the presence of harmful substances. However, science is right is pointing to that. Ring most often indicates problems with the liver and heart.

Gold rings darken in some women during pregnancy. In this case, use a warning of your jewellery and pass once again a medical examination, pass tests, etc.

If your ring constantly dims then it is often clean. The easiest way is cleaning with tooth powder. Besides gold products recommend brushing with a mixture of water and ammonia. Dropping the ring in the solution for a few minutes, you can easily clean it from dirt.

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