When dreams come true

The characters, seen in a dream, usually do not mean particularly the global things, but the dream has prophetic value, is determined by the person immediately, since it carries with it a vivid and memorable experience. It is believed that dreams can come true for ten years or more. Usually they are filled with special meaning and true in any case, whatever action is taken.
If before going to sleep to make a wish on a dream, using special words or rituals, it will surely come.

Dreams omens don't come true literally – for the most accurate interpretation it is necessary to speak the language of dreams, consisting of the traditional symbols and puns. Never true empty dreams, reflecting the everyday experiences and memories of the dreamer. This category of dreams include nightmares, symbolizing rather the subliminal state of a person than predicting the future. To understand the complex mess of dreams using dream books, to decipher the majority of dream characters.

When have prophetic dreams

A prophetic dream is rarely seen in strictly certain days. The most likely time of arrival of the prophetic dreams of Christmas week, beginning with Christmas and ending with Epiphany (from 7 to 19 January). If a man had deceased relatives, you need to listen to their words because they can predict the future or to warn of some event.
It is believed that dreams that appear in any religious holiday, are the prophetic and is usually performed before lunch the next day.

Also prophetic dreams are dreams the third day of each month – the probability of realization of dreams in life is enhanced if it had in the morning. A dream, a dream in the night of the twenty-fifth number is usually empty and nothing prophetic foreshadows. Can be considered a prophetic dream, seen from Monday to Tuesday. Dreams, dreamed the first day of any month, usually pass rather quickly.

Always predict the future dream, a dream from Thursday to Friday, because Friday is a special day (on Good Friday Jesus was crucified Christ). For this reason, it is believed that on Friday not to start any important work in order to not suffer a devastating setback (or does not quarrel with relatives or husband). More likely to see a prophetic dream appears at the full moon, and in the Summer or Winter solstice, when you can even make some nice content of the dream.