What they pay for

Money is the exchange medium between people, a kind of energy flow. Passing each other is a means of payment, people share with each other different energy. What people are willing to pay big money, you can understand, after observing, for example, for their friends.

First of all, people did not hesitate to give their money to solve their own problems. Although, actually, most of them does not exist, people simply used to call with a problem that he doesn't like, for example, any development of events, his own destiny. It turns out that people are parting with big money for flimsy issues.

Money often buys the expertise and the service they provide to save personal time. People invest exorbitant amount of money to the roof over your head, a property with all the facilities and purchase furniture.
They are often busy moving and spending on their money.

In a business leaks money like water, it requires a lot of funds for promotion.

For the transportation of the body from point - a to point - B. the transport can be by plane, automobile, trucking, again all paid for and sold to you to save your personal time.

Do all you can to buy?

People are willing to pay for entertainment and emotions. But what is most strange, entertainment paid, complete with alcohol, which is destroying human health. After this, huge sums are invested in his recovery.
This can be treatment, psychological assistance, prevention, vitamins, gym, proper nutrition.

Also people pay for their education, which is currently the need. For any profession, there are many institutions, such as schools, institutes, universities, training courses, and all of this was openly to improve quality of life.

The need to give their money arises from the desire to make life convenient and comfortable. For the people purchased appliances and electronics.

Very often, some men and women pay for aesthetic pleasure, for example, art. They buy paintings, visit theatres and cinema, listen to or write music.

And the beauty? After all, the woman seems to strive for this all my life! When visiting beauty salons, fitness clubs, yoga, engaged in shopping and decorates the body of expensive metal, stones.

Today people are paying for one for the opportunity to reach a desirable state of Affairs! Do not forget that not in wealth happiness because money can't buy nor time, nor love.