Installation through the AppStore

For iPhone with app Manager is a program AppStore. Download software for the device can also be made using iTunes store, which is available for computers and you can not only install software but also to manage the content stored on the device.

To install skype from the phone, open the AppStore. At the top of search specify a query Skype and click OK. In the list of the obtained results, select Skype and click "Free", to download the program. When you are prompted to enter your Apple ID fill in the required fields and click "Login" and then click on the "Free".

After pressing the button wait for the installation program on the phone, the progress which you can see on your device's home screen.
If you do not have an Apple ID, you can register it by clicking on the "Create" button when you are prompted to enter the necessary data.

Install iTunes

To install the software through iTunes you will need to connect your iphone to the computer using the cable that came with the device. After making the connection, you will see the program window with which you can manage content on your device.

Go to the section "Shop" and enter the search string you request to Skype. Select the most appropriate app in the results list, and then click on the "Free" and enter your account information when prompted. The desired program will be downloaded and will be available in control panel applications for your device.

To add a program, click on the iPhone button in the top right of the window. Go to the applications tab, and then click "Sync", clicking the corresponding checkboxes in the window. Wait for the process complete and disconnect the phone from the computer.

Run the program

To run the application, use the popup after installing the app icon on the desktop of the machine. After downloading you will see the program's interface and prompted to enter a user name and password. Enter the details and click on the "Enter" button on the screen.
If the accounts you don't yet, you will be able to create it directly on the phone using the link "Create an account" at the bottom of the screen.

After clicking you will be prompted to accept the licensing agreement, after which will require you to specify a user name and password for the account. Click "Create account", and then use the earlier information to perform the login.