Advice 1: Peach dress

Peach color is very romantic and feminine, in the wardrobe of fashionistas it a clear favorite. Many people think that it is difficult to combine with other colors, but it's not. Natural and soft peach color goes well with other shades. Dresses peach color will suit ladies with any skin tone. Stylists love to combine peach color with purple, mint, brown, blue.
Peach dress
The length and material of the dress

Dresses peach color suggesting light and soft models of silk and chiffon. Flying fabrics allow you to create a soft and airy images. And thick fabric give the opportunity to create a model of restrained, but no less elegant.

The length can be any - here fashionistas a great choice. Wearing a peach dress can be in any case, if you correctly pick the appropriate accessories. Layer it with a cardigan or jacket to get the option to work in the office. Peach floor-length gown suitable for a traditional evening or wedding. It can be worn for New year or prom.

Accessories and shoes to peach dress

As for shoes, it is best to avoid black. Will fit much better a pair of shoes beige shade of nude. Or select shoes light blue, mint, coral color.

Now a little about accessories. Here you can choose the traditional gold jewelry or modern jewelry of different shades: coral, brown, yellow, red, green. Beads made of mother of pearl, string of pearls is a good addition to the image.

Options with which to wear a peach dress, a lot. Don't be afraid of experiments, then you will be able to create a memorable, unique way!

Advice 2 : What should be the makeup for peach dress

Wear pastel colors allows you to experiment with feminine images. In this scheme, not least the peach color. Under the peach dress is easy enough to pick up shoes and accessories, but what should be the makeup?
What should be the makeup for peach dress

Natural tenderness

Owners dark hair and dark skin, do not worry that the makeup in pastel colors will make the image dull and blurry. Pale pastel make-up perfectly emphasizes your contrasting appearance. If you are a brunette, you don't need to use rich tones of blush and a "heavy" shadow. Just apply face powder translucent natural shade, emphasize cheekbones blush bright, complete eye makeup with mascara and black eyeliner and you've got day makeup dress peach color.

But if at the end of the day's scheduled trip to the restaurant, you turn day makeup to evening, apply an additional coat of eyeliner to the lash line. Make a Flirty arrows, if you have striking brown eyes.

Sensual passion

Beige and brown - that's the optimal color for evening make-up ladies with brown eyes. Blue-eyed and green-eyed girls can experiment with a noble gray, with its different shades, from pearl to graphite. By the way, the smoky eyes makeup is also suitable for peach dress. This makeup is already considered a classic.

Looks impressive tandem peach and mint colors. Sensuality, lightness, freshness and enthusiasm - such associations will arise in others when you look at a lady in a peach dress with mint makeup. Makeup artists suggest for brunettes to use makeup shades of purple, lavender, emerald, turquoise.

Eyes are the emphasis in the makeup on under the dress peach color. On the lips is enough to apply the gloss, as an evening option - a delicate pink, peach or terracotta shade of lipstick. This lip makeup will suit all brunettes and blondes, eye color too does not matter.

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