Rules of registration showcases pharmacy

When making the pharmacy Windows should follow a few rules. First, you need to count on the buyer, to make impulsive purchases. Those people who need a certain medicine, one way or another will buy it, regardless of the window dressing.

In order to encourage the person to commit an impulsive purchase, you will need:
- to increase models of products, located in the external window, in the upper and in the inner parts;
- put the cash exactly the products that fit under the category of so-called impulsive purchases.

Secondly, when making the pharmacy Windows do not need to allow too much variegation. Otherwise it can alienate buyers from deciding to purchase dietary Supplements, vitamins, hygiene products, and drugstore candy. It is worth considering that a significant portion of unplanned purchases accounted for by such products.

Thirdly, the external window of the pharmacy can be decorated quite creative, making your outlet will attract the attention of potential buyers. So, it is allowed:
- application of labels directly on the glass wall showcases;
- plot arrangement of mannequins;
- use the original lights, and mirrors.

Fourth, the internal pharmacy of the showcase, located in the retail environment, usually do not require creativity. The fact that inside the drugstore the attention of consumers is attracted directly products. Medications should be carefully distributed on the shelves depending on the area of application of pharmaceutical means.

Don't forget that there are legal requirements to the design of the pharmacy Windows. They all emphasize that if the finding it prescription drugs should be observed storage conditions, or should be exposed only boxes from the drugs.

Making the pharmacy Windows: recommendations

As a pharmacy storefronts, you must use only products made of glass. Such Windows provide a better overview of the goods. They can be rectangular, hexagonal, triangular and semicircular, occupying little space. Door Multibanka and shelves in the sales area must also be made of transparent glass.
The rear wall of the showcase should be mirrored.

In pharmacy shop Windows you need to provide a halogen spotlighting. It should be noted that its location affect the overall appearance of the items on the shelf. For example, the amount of packages with side lighting is visually increased, while the lower and upper — the attention of buyers is directed to the horizontal face of the product.
Storefront pharmacies from seller should not be placed near the cash register or at the entrance, they have to be in the middle between these objects. Do not forget about the bright decor elements.

Pay special attention to the zoning, and the design of the checkout site, which is small product: ascorbic acid, Hematogen, chapstick, mineral water, etc. And these products should be placed at eye level or slightly below.