Draw a smooth line the head of a Lunatic. The mind of a Lunatic trapezoidal. At the top of the head should be a zig-zag line depicting the head of a Lunatic.
Now draw a thin line of the body: short neck, legs, the torso, which extends to the bottom. Do not forget about legs Luntik!
Pririsuyte to-head paired ears, Luntik they are unusual, because the animal came to us from the moon, is his ears and not like the ears of terrestrial animals.
Draw on the face Luntik round eyes with pupils, indicate dash-brow, between the eyebrows and pupils - a small circle. The Loonie cheeks two roundels - do not forget about them!
Draw in the center of the face for two short lines to the loonie left without a nose. Draw under the nose wide mouth. Legs and draw the toes.
Draw on the belly of the big circle Boys, a couple of small over big is his typical pattern. Here we have Luntik, it remains only to decorate it, so the picture turned out colorful and bright!