Install humidifier on a flat, stable surface. Manufacturers recommend to place these climatic devices in the range from 50 cm to 1 meter from the floor, in this case, the humidification of the air will be more uniform, in addition, it will protect the device from contamination. But if the house has small children, the devices with hot moisture can be unsafe. Therefore, in this case put them even higher on the dresser, wide windowsill or Cabinet.
When you install the humidifier steam aim it so that it does not impinge on walls, books, flowers, hardware, furniture, appliances - cold vapor will leave things on the whitish stains that will ruin their aesthetic appearance, the hot steam will ruin the thing completely. One should not direct the steam to a cot and a sleeping or playing child place, but for security reasons. Couples should be free to enter the air, moisten it evenly and dissolve in it.
Conventional devices-humidifiers give to 300 ml of moisture per hour, electricity this will consume about the same as a regular light bulb consumes - 20-50 watts. In order for evaporation to proceed more actively, place a humidifier near the battery or the included heater. In this case, will create a moisture barrier dry air.