Polycarbonate is very strong, durable, resistant to weathering and extreme temperatures. Besides, it is transparent, so it is often used instead of glass, for example, when building greenhouses. Sheets of polycarbonate can be connected in two main ways: using profiles with the help of glue.

Relevant connections of polycarbonate sheets

To work with the profile fastening requires only a minimal set of tools: a drill, which drilled the holes for the screws and a screwdriver or screwdriver. Work is better done on a broad flat surface.

The profiles used for connecting polycarbonate sheets are of two types – permanent and detachable. Because of the greater simplicity (respectively, acceleration and cheapening of the work) more often use specialized all-in-one mount. In this case, the polycarbonate sheets are inserted into the grooves of the profiles, then drilled along profiles through and fasten with screws. Despite the simplicity of this design the connection is very strong, durable and reliable.
It is advisable to use screws with washers or spacers made of a thermal and moisture resistant material.

If you need to connect the two inclined planes of a roof made of polycarbonate (e.g. in the construction of greenhouses), use a special form of angular profile, which is called "skate". The fastener in this case is described above.

How to glue polycarbonate sheets

Despite the simplicity and reliability of connections by using profiles, it is sometimes necessary to do without them. For example, if the use significantly impairs the external appearance of the structure. Then you have to apply the glue joint.
Polycarbonate sheets can be glued as overlapping and butt. But for greater strength and reliability is better to glue the overlap.

We use different types of adhesives designed for the connection of plastic products. Especially strong connection provide a silicone adhesive substance. You can also use as a glue organic solvents include dichloroethane, methylene chloride, Bilhorod. They dissolve the superficial layers of bonded sheets, turning them into a viscous mass, thereby providing a very durable and absolutely water resistant connection. In any case, read reviews about the manufacturers of adhesive substances.