If you prefer city tourism, visit one of the largest cities of Kazakhstan, such as Astana or Almaty. In both cities there is something to see and where to have a good time and historical monuments, modern architecture, shopping and entertainment centers and so on.
Who wants to soak up the warm beach sand, head for one of the Kazakhstan water bodies. For example, at Kapshagai reservoir. It is located near the city of Almaty. The most daring and desperate tourists are beginning to swim already in may and finish in September. The benefit of the warm climate of the local area allows it.
Another popular body of water is lake Balkhash. It lasted for three regions of the Republic – Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda. Here you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also to participate in competitions in rowing, or sport fishing.
You can not leave without attention and the area upland, located in the Akmola region. Beach season here is really short. But to have a good time you can not just sunbath on one of the lakes. You are waiting for interesting and informative tour of the Bohr ring, forest walks, mountain hikes and more. And in winter you can go skiing.
Addicted to exploring historical values? Go to one of the most ancient cities of Kazakhstan – Turkestan. There is a huge mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, the famous poet and philosopher. In addition, there are other monuments of historical and cultural heritage, which is worth a look.
Many in Kazakhstan and places to improve their health. For example, are sources of mineral mud on Alakol lake, on the border of Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions. The chemical composition of the water in the lake is akin to the Black and Dead seas.
These are just a few parts of Kazakhstan, where you can have a good rest and to correct health. And whichever route you would have not chosen for themselves, get a lot of impressions from the trip.