You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • the phone number of the subscriber megaphone.
To send free SMS to MegaFon, go to the official website of the company at the address Code select phone number and enter the remaining seven digits. Enter the text of your message. It should not exceed 150 characters. Rewrite in the special field of the security code and click send. For the convenience of users to send SMS to MegaFon for free at any given time, and the message text is translated into Latin.
It is convenient to send free SMS to MegaFon customers using various Internet services. For example, you can use the website To send a message indicating the phone number of the sender or anonymously. There is also the possibility of sending SMS to multiple numbers at the same time. To start to use the site, please register.
Send SMS to MegaFon for free through a program Agent from It can be used directly from your email posted on the service from a computer or a big phone. To do this, install the app, register (or enter the existing data), add a contact and send free SMS on a Megaphone.