If you love sea, sun, beaches, Sanya. This famous resort area of Hainan island in the South of China. Hotels are not the cheapest, but the beaches are Golden and the service is excellent. This place is suitable for couples with children and for people looking for vivid impressions of the parties.
In Sanya will visit the Park "on the Edge", which is a mass of huge stones of different shapes, each of which has its own legend. History will happily tell the guides, and the local is not averse to talk with tourists.
Look in the "Gorge of butterflies". It is a natural reserve where the natural environment inhabited by hundreds of butterflies. The part was selected, some brought from other parts of the world. Very interesting to observe the luxurious crapsonline individuals, which the uninitiated often mistaken for birds.
Vacation in China can and should be combined with treatment. So, in Sanya take mineral baths or bathe in the natural mineral springs ", Nantang" or "Shisanling".
Attracts tourists and the Great wall of China – a Grand structure that is visible from space. Its length is more than 4000 kilometers, it has 20 000 towers. All the tourists coming to the wall, always invited to explore the tomb of Emperor Qin Shih-Andi. It was discovered the famous terracotta army of 8060 soldiers who must protect the peace of the Lord and in the afterlife.
In Beijing not to visit the Park complex of the Imperial Palace is a favorite destination of many travelers, pleasing beautiful buildings, garden sculptures, pavilions, fountains and ponds. The Palace and Park, built in a traditional Oriental style and has its own philosophy. It consists of the "Temple of the shining virtues", the "Palace of virtue and harmony", the "Palace of benevolence and longevity", "Palace of dizzying heights," the pagoda ", the Sea of wisdom and intelligence" facilities "Jade belt".