First, prepare a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the young mother. She faced a lot of difficulties, giving life to the little man, and worthy of flowers and gifts. You can show originality - not to give flowers and a flower bouquet of bright balloons. A beautiful plant in a pot will leave the memory of this wonderful day.
Second, prepare in advance the smart kit to extract the child. To buy or put an order envelope to be discharged is not a problem. Choose the kit appropriate to weather conditions and do not contain in the synthetics. The mood of young parents, of course, be joyful and festive, when they take up dressy baby.
Thirdly, organize photos and video. In some hospitals hours discharge duty professional photographers. For a fee they can make not only high-quality photos of the baby and young parents, but also to remove small, musical feature film about how a newborn is going home. This recollection of the first meeting of the child with dad and family will delight not only parents but also the child when he is a little older.
Fourth, take care of the transport. Well, if you have your own car. If its not, you can order a taxi. Do not take a newborn on public transport.
Fifth, prepare a apartment for the arrival of the smallest member of the family. Baby don't decorate, but it is important to be ventilated, clean and tidy. But it would be great if colored balls will be decorated hallway or living room. This will please the young mother.
Do not arrange a noisy holiday on the day of discharge from the hospital is a good meeting and a small family tea party at home. Then it is better to give a young mother to rest and the baby - easy to adapt to the new environment.