Onions – a good cough medicine

Cough is the most common symptom of respiratory diseases. It occurs when the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and lung tissue. Cough may also have an allergic origin, occur at excitement, emotional stress, by inhalation of dust, tobacco smoke, corrosive gases, etc.

A common cause of cough is an upper respiratory infection. For example, a cold, flu or bronchitis. Most often, the cough occurs in the cold season. Pharmacies sell medicines (syrups, tablets, ointments) that help to cope with this disease. Traditional medicine also has a large Arsenal of recipes is very effective for cough. Many of them are based on the healing properties of regular onions.

Good help from all kinds of cough syrups prepared with onions, sugar and honey. For example, for bronchitis it is advisable to remove the bulbs from the core and pour the sugar and leave overnight. The next day you need to take 2 teaspoons of onion syrup every 2 hours. In this recipe the sugar can be replaced honey.
Cough good to eat onions, fried in butter and mixed with honey.

Another effective remedy that is suitable not only for adults but also for children. First of all, you need to clean the onion and chop. Then add 3 tablespoons of honey, mix well and pour the onion-honey mixture in half a glass of water. Then need to put on a quiet fire and cook for 5 minutes. Then remove from heat and infuse for 2 hours. Then strain and take the prepared syrup 4 times a day 1 teaspoon.

Prescription cough syrup for a child

As an expectorant to help all sorts of licorice. The root of this plant is very popular in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. The pharmacy can buy breast fees, powders, and extracts, including licorice root. On their basis it is possible to prepare teas and syrups.
Helps the cough, the decoction prepared with onions and milk. Need to fill 2 onions peeled and ½ liter of milk and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and drink the warm decoction 3-4 times a day on the table spoon.

And our traditional medicine has long been recommended as an effective cough remedies for children and adults of onion syrup. For its preparation it is necessary to mix a pound of peeled and chopped onion with 50 grams of honey and 3 cups of sugar. All the ingredients stir thoroughly, add 1 liter of cold water, put on low heat, tightly cover the pan with a lid and boil the syrup for 3 hours. Then cool, pour the strained syrup into sterile bottles and seal. You need to store it in the fridge. Adults are recommended to take 5 times a day 2 tablespoons. The child syrup is also given 5 times a day, but 1 teaspoon.