Three-dimensional 3d Wallpaper: a new vision

One of the modern ways to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere in the house - 3d Wallpaper which are somewhat similar to desktop. However, the capabilities and properties of use in the interior they are different. Wallpaper with the three-dimensional image not only adding to the life of bright colors, but create the illusion of three-dimensional space, and even its movement.
Wallpaper with three-dimensional effect and visually expand the space of any room.

This is not always on the surface of these products is applied to images of paintings or photos. To achieve the desired effect allow three-dimensional objects in the form of abstractions, patterns, ornaments and shapes. Through the use of modern technology the picture on the lock turns out to be very realistic.

Application of 3d Wallpaper in the interior of the apartment

Cover 3d Wallpapers provides opportunities for a variety of experiments. Since its surface can put any image, three-dimensional Wallpapers can be used in almost any interior. Of course, for every room in the apartment or house will need their own, unique Wallpaper. Choose their best, focusing on the purpose of the room.

For example, the bedroom will be appropriate calm landscape that will promote relaxation and tranquility. It can be a birch grove on a summer day, autumn forest, white mountain or sea views. The bedroom will look good fluorescent 3d Wallpaper. Children's room usually chosen Wallpaper with a fun and cheerful pictures. The walls of the nursery can be decorated with images of characters from favorite fairy tales or cute baby animals. And the realism of their images will lead your child into raptures.
Together with 3d Wallpapers around the room or on the wall it is advisable to install additional lighting sources.

If the bathroom has quite a large area, it is also possible to use a 3d Wallpaper with a volume effect. In this case, it will look good sea animals, mermaids, dolphins and shoals of fish. But if on one of the walls is depicted a view of the underwater world of the ocean from the window of a submarine, your bathroom will become unique and breathtaking look.

The use of three-dimensional Wallpapers are not just limited to pasting the walls. They are also used to decorate ceilings. For example, it can be glow 3d Wallpaper with images on them the starry sky. Apply Wallpaper with 3d effect for the design of the doors. For example, the door can be a three-dimensional image of Sunny beach.

Where and at what price you can buy 3d Wallpaper

Buy 3d Wallpaper easiest via the Internet. In the shops of finishing materials, these products are very rare. You can also contact publishing companies specializing in such services. In these companies you can order the finished coating on the walls with interesting three-dimensional plot, and to specify some moments: change the image, its color or size, the movement of some object or its parts.

The cost of this finishing material is quite high. But because 3d Wallpaper is often used in commercial establishments. If you decide to buy three-dimensional Wallpaper for their home, be prepared to pay about 1000 rubles and above per 1 square meter of the coating.