Portable and stationary BBQ grills

Portable furnaces, for giving are relatively low cost. They can be easily disassembled and collected, so in winter they can be removed from the gazebo to the garage. However, these devices are short-lived and often do not provide the proper degree of doneness of meat.

Stationary grills and stoves, BBQ set for many years, and this is best done at the stage of construction of the gazebo. Such ovens are laid out with stone or brick on capital basis. Despite the difficulties in the construction, stationary furnaces for gazebos are very popular. They allow you to simultaneously prepare a lot of portions, provide different degrees of doneness of meat with the ability to control the intensity of the flame.
Installation of stationary barbecue in the country requires compliance with a number of fire safety rules. As food is cooked over an open fire, a gazebo with oven should be placed no closer than 5 m from the wooden structures and trees.

Gas, electric grills-barbecue and oven on the coals

Gas fuel, generally used in portable ovens. Liquefied gas is supplied from special tanks. There is a huge variety of such furnaces. They can be small with a limited feature set and very large, equipped with a serving table, shelves for dishes, additional burners and a spit.
There are two types of gas stoves, barbecue in the first cooking is on a special heated stones called lava, and the second gas is heated metal baking sheet.

Electric grills-barbecue and grills are also portable. They provide good control over the degree of doneness of meat. In addition, a significant advantage can be called fire safety. Unfortunately, these devices require a source of electrical power. Therefore, to the arbor, where it is assumed to use the electric oven, it is necessary to supply power and to equip the outlet.

BBQ grills charcoal or wood can be portable and stationary. Cell models made of steel, stationary – made of stone or brick. The best fuel for these stoves is charcoal, which can be purchased at specialty stores or make yourself by burning firewood. Meat cooked on charcoal acquires a unique taste and aroma.