The choice of entrance doors in apartment

First and foremost, high-quality entrance door to the flat must:
- be reliable, able to resist cracking;
- have a peephole;
- have heat and sound insulation, which will not allow cold or heat, noise from the entrance or from the street to enter the premises;
harmoniously fit into the interior;
- like in its aesthetic appearance and design;
- to have a guarantee.

Especially important is the reliability door design, because it gives a sense of security and tranquility in your home. Today are considered the most reliable steel doors. Unlike wood and iron doors, they are impossible to break or dislodge with brute force.

Design of steel doors includes 2 sheets of lightweight alloy steel. Its thickness should be not less than 1.5-2 mm. quality door has the spars (ribs), enhancing the burglary protection design and does not allow steel plates to bend under the applied load. For door standard size (mm 2100х900) enough two horizontal and three vertical ribs.

Another important point is the door frame. It can be as complex (made of bent profile), and simple (from the individual profiles of steel). In terms of reliability of complex simple option is preferable, because it is a monolithic single structure made without welding seams.

Reliable hardware for the front door

In the protection of your apartment actively participates and door accessories:
- loop;
- locks;
- latches or latch;
- a peephole.

High quality locking system allows you to provide 50% reliability door, and therefore it is better to save money on decorating and design than the locks. Secure entry door should have two locks, preferably, cylinder and lever. The latter, as the more massive, harder to dislodge, and the first protects the door from intellectual hacking, because to pick him a lock pick or a key is virtually impossible, this mechanism has from 3 thousand to 3 million combinations. Thus, two different lock complement each other's strengths.

Installation of entrance doors in apartment also includes an instrumentation routine loops, which perform the function of opening and closing door design. Loop must be reliable and very durable. In order to secure home from burglary, used crossbars - protivosemnye pins. When closing the front door transoms are in the socket frame, thereby locking the door. Even if the hinges are cut or knocked down, the attackers did not succeed to remove the door. Make sure that your front door was at least 4 bolts from the side of the castle, and one top and bottom. In addition, the hinges themselves should be equipped with adjustment mechanism for the case that the shape of the opening will change.

Installation of entrance doors in apartment

The process of installing entry doors comprises the following steps:
- removal of old doors;
- preparation of the door opening in accordance with the size of the doors;
- installation into the opening in the frame of the door frame.

Before you begin the installation of the entrance door disassembling the old one. The floor is covered with tape or cloth to protect it from dust and to avoid damage to the surface of the floor covering. Removal of old doors is made carefully so as not to damage your doorway for installation. Floor and doorway free of dirt, then level out.
Quality installation of entrance doors in apartment is not less important as the quality of the door construction and fittings.

When installing the front door is the most important – be sure to observe the accuracy of the distance with respect to the walls and opening. The door frame must exactly be positioned in the opening, its edges should adjoin densely to the outer side of the walls. If everyone followed these rules, the door will be securely protect you against burglary and provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

After preparatory work is measurement of the doorway and the front door. The gap between wall and door shall be not more than 2 cm from each side. If the distance exceeds this limit, the installer tightens the hole. They use sticks, setting them around the perimeter of the doorway. Subsequently, the trim will block all the gaps.
Installation the door is on the outside. Frame fixed on the slope and level. The deviation must not be more than 1.5 mm.

Properly installed door will last you a long time, and will provide a high level of security of your home. But made during the installation errors can cause problems with opening and closing the locks will also wear out faster, handles, hinges and other door elements.

It is important to remember that even the best quality door can "ruin" improper installation – trust it to professionals. Qualified installers are not only special tools that speed and simplify work, but also many years of experience and skills in this field.