Obesity is a very serious disease and, of course, requires medical intervention. Obesity affects all internal organs, excess weight is a huge burden on the body. In order to know the degree of obesity, you need to calculate normal for you body weight. For this it is necessary to weigh and measure your height. You can then use the following formula: 50+0,75(height-150)+(age-20):4, where, from your height must subtract 150 cm and multiply the result by 0.75. Your age must subtract 20 and divide by 4, then everything folded. Under this formula, you get a perfect your body weight, given height, weight, age.
Once you know your normal weight, you can calculate the percentage of excess weight. To do this, use the following formula: C=((M-N)/N)*100, where M is the actual body weight in kg, N — normal body weight in kg. If the result is less than 10 % then you are overweight but not yet obese. To get rid of those few extra kilos, it is necessary to abandon snacking and lead a more healthy lifestyle. If the percentage of excess weight more than 10% then you should seriously consider.
So, in Russia there are 4 degrees of obesity. If your body weight exceeds the normal on 10-29% is the first degree of obesity, 30-49% - the second, 50-99% - third and fourth degree, when the body weight exceeds the ideal by more than 100%. Usually the first two degrees are treated with a complex of special exercises, maintenance therapy, various diets. The last two to cure hard enough, there should be mandatory supervision of a physician. In addition, people who are obese, have a serious illness of cardiovascular and respiratory system, therefore it is necessary to pay particular attention to.