Advice 1: How to change the password to log on to the Internet

The Internet is a worldwide network allowing the use of different information servers and e-mail. Setting the password for logging on to the network, you limit the access for everyone else. When there is a suspicion that the Internet is still use, better change that password.
How to change the password to log on to the Internet
If you want to change the password to log on to the Internet, you must know the current password. If you forget, then remember it using the hint. Consider the password change in the two most common browsers - "Internet Explorer" and “Mozilla-firefox”. To change password log in Internet Explorer Internet Explorer, follow these steps. In menu "tools" select "Internet options".
In this window click the "Content" tab in the "access Restriction" activate the command "Include".
Select the "General" tab and under "password-access" tap on "Change password".
First enter the old password, because without it the system will not allow the password change after this, enter new one and confirm it. The password can contain letters of the Russian or Latin alphabet, uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Also enter a hint, it is needed in case if you forget the password, but choose such that it is not used more. Confirm the change of password with the command "OK" at the bottom.
If you use browser “Mozilla-firefox”, and in it the masterpassword, it is possible to change, knowing the current password. In the "Settings" window go to the security tab, and activate the command "Change masterpassword".
As in “Internet Explorer", first enter the old passwordand then new. Confirm the new password again and press "OK"
If your password contain uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and numbers at the same time, such combination will be complex password.
Useful advice
If you change the password to log on to the Internet near you someone else is present, cover the keyboard with your hand while you type, this will help to ensure the privacy a new password.

Advice 2 : How to change the password for the Internet

Most often, the procedure of password authentication when you log on to the Internet automatically and invisibly to the user. When receiving the connection request from your computer, router or modem Internet service provider needs to present a username and password, the device sends them the equipment of the provider compares the received values with the available in its database and starts a new Internet session. In such a scheme for changing the password you must first change it on the database provider, and then in the settings of the computer, router or modem.
How to change the password for the Internet
Start with changing the password in the database provider. You can do this, for example, go with your passport and a copy of the contract to the nearest office and filling out the appropriate form. However, almost every modern ISP provides the ability to do this without leaving your computer through "my account" on the website of the company. To use it, you will need the username and password provided at the service connection. Go to the site and logged in, you sign in to your account.
You need to change the password in your account different online providers can be hosted in different ways- unfortunately, a single standard on the control panel interface to the web services does not exist. For example, if you use the "Home Internet" from the company "Beeline", then click the tab "Internet" and in the section "Additional opportunities" click on the link "Change password". In the page that appears, first enter the old password (the field is called "Old password"), and then enter the new (in the field "Create new password") and confirm it (in the field "New password again"). Click the "Change password" operation and change the password in the database, your provider will be completed.
If you are using to connect to the Internet router or modem, make the appropriate changes to its settings. The sequence of steps in this operation also depends on the device model. For example, if the router DIR-320 firms D-Link, in the browser address bar enter and press the Enter key. If you have not changed the factory settings, in the User Name field the opened page, enter admin and the Password field leave blank. Then in a separate field enter code from the image and click Log In. In the opened control panel for the router, click Manual Internet Connection Setup. Locate the field next to your L2TP Password and enter the same password, which is now recorded to the database provider. Do it again in the field Retype Password L2TP and click Save Settings. The procedure to change the password on connection to the Internet will be completed.
If your computer connects to the ISP directly, without a router or modem, double click the shortcut the network connection, open it, and then type the new password in the corresponding field ("Password"). Clicking "Connect" will save the new password if the "Save username and password" check box is checked.
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