If you want to change the password to log on to the Internet, you must know the current password. If you forget, then remember it using the hint. Consider the password change in the two most common browsers - "Internet Explorer" and “Mozilla-firefox”. To change password log in Internet Explorer Internet Explorer, follow these steps. In menu "tools" select "Internet options".
In this window click the "Content" tab in the "access Restriction" activate the command "Include".
Select the "General" tab and under "password-access" tap on "Change password".
First enter the old password, because without it the system will not allow the password change after this, enter new one and confirm it. The password can contain letters of the Russian or Latin alphabet, uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Also enter a hint, it is needed in case if you forget the password, but choose such that it is not used more. Confirm the change of password with the command "OK" at the bottom.
If you use browser “Mozilla-firefox”, and in it the masterpassword, it is possible to change, knowing the current password. In the "Settings" window go to the security tab, and activate the command "Change masterpassword".
As in “Internet Explorer", first enter the old passwordand then new. Confirm the new password again and press "OK"