To start, try to use standard compression techniques drive. Click on "My computer", using the "start menu" or the key combination Win and E. right-Click the mouse on the icon of the local disk you want to compress. Select "Properties" and click "disk Cleanup". Run the delete unused files before shrinking the partition.
Now check the box next to "Compress this drive to save space". Click "Apply" and confirm the start of the process to shrink the volume. Remember that it is undesirable to compress the system partition of the hard drive. This will lead to a strong slowing down your computer. The compression process can last a long time, so it's best to run it overnight.
If you are not satisfied with the result, undo the previous changes. To do this, uncheck the previously marked points. Naturally, this process will be long enough. Now install the current version of the archiver. It is better to use 7-Zip or the latest version of the utility WinRan.
These programs are not designed for complete compression of the disc, but they effectively reduce the section of individual directories and files. Click on "My computer" and select the folder you want to compress. Click the right mouse button and select 7-Zip and in the ensuing window, click the option "add to archive".
Enter the name of the future of the archive. Locate the menu for "compression Level" and select the option "Maximum" or "Ultra". In "edit Mode", select "Add and replace". Now click "OK" and wait for the archive creation. Remember that some file types almost do not change in size while others can take 10-20 times less space on your hard disk.