You will need
  • yarn;
  • - set of 5 spokes.
Take the 5 spokes, the size suitable for the thickness of the yarn. Four of them type for 10 loops (the number may be more depending on the child's age and girth of the wrist).
Work is performed in a circle. Begin to crochet with gum. You can choose gum 1x1 (1 front loop, purl 1), 2x1 (2 front, 1 purl) or 2x2 (2 front and 2 reverse loops). When moving to the next needle, note, what loops have finished knitting the previous one.
After about 5 cm from the beginning of the work continue to knit only the front loops. Try the product on a baby's hand. If the last knit row is at the level of the base of the thumb, then remove the first 5 stitches on safety pin. The rest of the loop in the row knit the front.
In the next row over the removal of finger loops again dial on the spokes 5 loops. Continue knitting the front loops around to the tip of the index finger of the child.
Then finish knitting the following way. Provarite together the first two loops with the spokes, which is located above the thumb hole. Then do the decrease at the end of next spoke. The third spoke again provarite together the first two loops, on the fourth – last two.

So continue to do the subtraction in the following rows. When will be the last loop, proverite it cut the thread and tighten.
Now tie a thumb. With safety pins, transfer loop to needle. To the other needle dial 5 loops with the top row. Knit facial loops to the tip of the thumb of the child. Then finish the job. Promazyvaya together the first two loops on each needle. In the last thread loop and tighten.
Mitten on the left hand knit similarly, except for the hole for the finger to clear the last 5 loops from the needles on the same level as for the right hand.

The finished product can be decorated with embroidery, knitted POM-poms or ribbons.