You will need
  • - 5 spokes;
  • - threads;
  • - a crochet hook;
  • needle.
Mittens are knitted on 5 needles. Start knitting with cuffs. Dial on 2 spokes 36-40 loops and distribute them on 4 spokes 9-10 loops and knit circle of 5-7 cm pattern gum: 2 persons, 2 Phi. or K1, P1.
After the bands added on each spoke in the 1-2 loop and knit the front stitches to the base of the thumb.
For the thumb remove the pin 7-10 loops and continue knitting in a circle the front loops. When he reached the place of removed hinges, type as much of the stitches and continue knitting mittens.
The thumb hole can be done in another way: provarite the first loop of the main thread next 7-8 loops of the auxiliary thread and the last loop - the main thread, leaving a length not more than 4cm Then a mitten knit in a circle, the main thread of the front loops.
Mitten knit to the little finger, then begin to diminish the loop in each row, promazyvaya the last loop of the previous spokes and the first loop further spokes. If you want "pointy" mitten, knit to the last 4 loops for mittens rounded - up to 12 loops. Then pull the crochet thread through the loop, tighten one loop, cut tail and pull inside out. Or using a needle pull thread through the loops on the wrong side, tie.
Also tie the second glove. Now go back to the thumb: with pin transfer hinge (7-10) on the needle, secure the thread and type the missing number of loops (7-10) on the opposite side and the sides 1-2 of the loop, to avoid "holes".
Loops equally spread on 3 or 4 needles and knit facial loops around the circle to the nail, then take away the same way that a mitten.
If the thumb hole you did an auxiliary thread, then gently insert the needles 2 into closed loops, which are located above and below the contrasting yarn, pull the thread and gather the sides 1-2 of the loop.
Please note that the colored mittens do not require elaborate drawings and patterns. Plain products can decorate the front side with embroidery or knitting pattern originally, but then do not forget to add 1-3 loops on needle.